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We have exclusive partnerships working directly with organizations
to give you — the loyal fans — guaranteed access to the biggest events.


No matter how strong the FOMO is, fans deserve the ability to attend their favorite events for fair prices.


Save your spot to lock in face value ticket prices from the dibit app, coming soon to Google Play and the App store.


You called dibs on a spot? Great! Now take your time to decide when, or if, you want to purchase the ticket for face value.

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At dibit, we feel that attending your favorite events shouldn't cost you a couple of car payments, or even worse, the event sells out minutes after tickets go on sale. Fans deserve better.

Simply use dibit's website or app and call dibs on events. Once you've done that, you are guaranteed face value pricing for tickets. You can decide later if you want to purchase the actual tickets.


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Sports fanatics, tech gurus, and pop culture followers - see who makes the wheels turn at dibit.


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Rich Gilsdorf CEO / Founder

Rich has decades of experience as a successful options trader on the Chicago Board of Trade.


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Howard Tullman Chairman of the Board

Howard's experience as an entrepreneur, educator, and art collector, provides a great addition to the dibit team.

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